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Summer Camps were great fun this year. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Congratulations to Webb Ranch Dressage Team!
We are so proud of the 7 riders from the Webb Ranch Dressage Team that participated in the Northern California Junior Dressage Championships, September 21-23, 2012. The girls had a great weekend with all of them riding well and working together to end up with a successful weekend. The results were as follows:

1st place Training Level Team
Riders:  Melinda Highton, Madison Ingraham, Megan McIver, Julia Melmon,
Kendra Mitchell

Champion Training Level Championships 18-21 yrs:
Kendra Mitchell on Idol Hour

1st place CT for Novice Division/Denville-Kanani Trophy:
Kendra Mitchell on Idol Hour

1st place Dressage Seat Equitation:
Kendra Mitchell on Idol Hour

Reserve Champion Training Level Championships15-17 yrs:
Melinda Highton on Bijoux

3rd place Training Level Championships 15-17 yrs:
Julia Melmon on Patriot B

5th place Training Level Championships 15 -17 yrs:
Megan McIver on Rowans' Magic

13th place Training Level Championships 15 -17 yrs:
Madison Ingraham on Takes the Cake

Reserve Champion First Level Championships 15- 17 yrs:
Alanna Mitchell on Montague

Reserve Champion Second Level Championships:
Arianna Barzman-Grennan on Red Alert

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